Mistress Lisette la Roux (modernly known as Jennifer Fischer-Darby) is a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) and the Barony of Lochmere in the Kingdom of Atlantia.  She has been in the SCA for over 16 years and has a passion for the arts and sciences pre-1600 Europe.  She has dabbled in sewing, rapier, and singing, but her true love is the culinary arts.  The SCA allows for her to learn and experiment with edible delights from different cultures and time periods.  She loves sharing that information with the masses in the form of documented feasts, teas, hospitalities, and a variety of classes.

She had the extreme honor of serving as an apprentice to Mistress Isobel Bedingfield and specializes in several artistic disciplines but her true love is historic culinary arts, which she has been working on developing since 2008.  In September, Lisette was honored to be inducted into the Order of the Pelican for her service to the Kindom of Atlanita.  However, her longstanding friendship with Mistress Isobel is one that will never go away.  She continues to consult with Isobel on all her endeavors.

Lisette’s favorite thing is to learn about a culture and what their daily life would entail for meals and bring that information to the SCA community, who, with modern palettes,  sometimes do not realize the variety that period foods can bring to the table.

Lisette is also the Kingdom University Chancellor for the Kingdom of Atlantia and enjoys providing others the opportunity to share knowledge, gain knowledge, and excel in their chosen area of expertise.

This blog allows her to not only show the final results of her culinary research and documentation but also shows the journey, successes (and failures), that go into the final product.  Additional documentation can be found here:




  • September 2010    Lochmere Baronial Birthday and Investiture (English 16th century)
  • January 2013           Lochmere MidWinters Revel (Italian and French 15th/16th century)
  • January 2015           Lochmere MidWinters Feast of St. Brigid (pre 16th century Ireland)
  • January 2016 (delayed until January 2017)   Lochmere Torquemada’s Trans Iberian Tour (Spanish/Iberian 15th century)
  • July 2016                 Storvik Novice Tourney and Baronial Investiture (pre 1050 Nordic)
  • November 2016    Atlantian Crown Tournament (English and 14th/15th century)


  • UA 59 2003:             Simple Headcovering for the Late Period Beginner
  •                                     Elizabethan Rounds & Catches for the Amateur Singer
  • UA 76 2009:             Simple Headcoverings for the Late Period Beginner
  • UA 77 2010:              Elizabethan House: Introduction to Persona Use
  •                                      Elizabethan House: Clothing for men and women
  •                                      Elizabethan House: Furnishings
  •                                      Elizabethan House: Food and Tableware
  • UA 78 2011:              Mustards Made Easy
  • UA 84 2013:              Mustards Made Easy
  •                                      Periods Sweets for the Modern Palate
  • UA 91 2015:              Getting to know your spices (Northern Europe)
  • UA 92 2016:              Understanding the Atlantian University System
  •                                      Herbal Round Table
  • UA 93 2016:              Period Sweets for your dayboard
  • UA 95 2017:              Mustard Made Easy
  •                                      Documenting your food: Brehon Laws in Ireland and their                relationship with food and nutrition

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