Status on menu for Lochmere’s Midwinters event 2018

Been working on the feast menu for Lochmere’s Midwinters based around the Diwali celebration. I am super excited by the new challenges it brings, thanks Avice for the inspiration of trying Indian food and adding it my repertoire of feasts and Anne for the opportunity….Provided a current write up of the menu for the event and figured it doesn’t hurt to share it here since I am super excited about it.
The feast is based on the writings in the Ain I Akbari, a 16th century text (census / almanac / detailed accounting) during the reign of the Emperor Akbar in India. It is also based on the concepts of the 6 tastes outlined in the Ayurdeva. Three courses consisting of fresh and maybe exotic fruits, an array of “pickles” and chutneys. Coconut Jaggery Ladoo, breads and nuts (nuts separate of any other food). Followed by a variety of meat and vegetarian dishes including Fish Amritsari, Roasted Goat in spices, chicken korma as well as vegetarian Daal, Palak Paner, Chana Masala, and rice. The last course will consist of sweet delights such as Gulab Jamun, Gajar Halwa, and perhaps another dish to complete the meal.
The specific menu as it stands now and status of tested dishes:
First course:
Mixed Winter Vegetable Pickle (tested)
Lemon Pickle (replace for green mango pickle – to be tested)
Platter of fresh fruits including oranges, apricots, grapes, Dried Ber, Dates, Mango, Cucumber
Coconut Jaggery Ladoo (tested)
Ginger Coriander Chutney (tested)
Second course:
Fish Amritsari (tested)
Roasted Goat (tested)
Chicken Korma (to be tested)
Daal (tested)
Palak Paneer (to be tested)
Chana Masala (to be tested)
Third course:
Gulab Jamun (to be tested)
Galar Halwa (tested)
Khubani Ka Meetha (to be tested, not sure if I want to include but it sounds like a yummy stewed apricots dish)
Only a few more to taste test and I love the story this tells….can’t wait to share it with you.

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