Duke Logan Pelican Hospitality

This weekend I had the distinct honor to provide the hospitality for the recognition of Duke Logan into the Order of the Pelican (service oriented peerage in the SCA).  I was so happy to do it.  I had fun creating the menu as well as the final product based on historical recipes but also including some of my own personal tweaks.

Apple Fig Tartlets assorted cheeses and crescent moon sugar cakes

These are Sugar Cakes made into Crescent Moons for His Grace’s Heraldic representation.  The tartlets next to them are Apple Fig Tartlets flavored with my house recipe for Powder Douce (a variant of a combination spice filled with all the goodness that comes with apple pie and fall).  The rest of this image are simple fruits and assorted cheeses of Asiago, Cheddar, Brie, and Goat cheese.

Recipes can be found from my A&S display on Medieval Sweets:

Medieval Sweets documentation

grilled tenderloin smoked pork sausages and lombard mustard

Shown here is grilled beef tenderloin, smoked pork with Apple wood (with the wonderful Master Vlad super spices), and cooked sausage (thank you to Mistress Medb and Master Vlad for their assistance in procuring and cooking the sausages from a local butcher).  The mustard for the meats was homemade Lombard Mustard based on Master Terafan Greydragon’s interpretation of the Forme de Curye recipe.  It certainly is a crowd favorite.

mushroom tartlets savory toasted cheese tartlets

Shown here are Mushroom and Leek Tartlets and Savory Toasted Cheese Tartlets, my own tweak to period recipes.  The Savory Toasted Cheese Tartlet was a variation of my STC Tart served at Fall Crown event 2016.  The Mushroom and Leek Tartlet was an experiment in turning the side dish of mushrooms and leeks, also served at the same event, into a bite sized morsel.  Both were a success and I would consider serving them in the future.  I was happy the mushroom and leek tartlets were good even served cold.  The original recipe did not call for, but I added to the tartlet, a mixture of fresh garlic and thyme for a more complex flavor and topped with shredded parmesan cheese.

Recipes can be found here:

Crown Feast Documentation 2016Crown Feast Documentation 2016


spread 2Spread

Just some lovely pictures of the overall spread (thank you, Mistress Ysane)  Also included but not showed were pickles, olives, dried figs, asiago bread loaf, french baguette and assorted crackers.

It was a joy to make and present and I hope it was enjoyed by all.




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