Ain I Akbari and Lochmere Midwinter’s Feast

I am super excited about the current project I have been working on, Lochmere’s Midwinters event in January. The feast is based on two concepts, being an Indian themed event based around Diwali. I working on incorporating the Ayurveda, which in a really big nutshell is the scientific/medical connection between mind and body was that (and is) practiced.

Within the feast, each one of the 6 tastes that should be incorporated into each meal for personal balance will be represented: Sweat, Sour, Salty, Pungent, Bitter, Astrigent. Using that and the documentation within the Ain I Akbari, I am working on a unique combination of flavors that is really turning out to work. The Ain I Akbari is the third volume of a series of books written by Abu’l-Fazl ibn Mubarak the Grand Vizier of the Emperor Akbar in the mid-late 16th century India. The document is a cross between a census and a almanac of the different regions within India with the Moghul influence – expansion. It has again become a fascinating topic.

Much like the Brehon Laws in Ireland, I am also making this into a Documenting Your Feast class. As always, Clint has to deal with my night time “this is so cool, here listen” innundation of information.




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